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ThyagarajTyagaraja was a South Indian composer and saint born on 4th May in 1767, in the town of Tiruvarur. He is celebrated for many Telugu songs he composed in praise of Rama. His life and works are a source of great inspiration to young poets and musicians.

Thyagaraja Music Festival is held every year in January in Thiruvaiyaru, Tamilnadu. The festival is an eight-day affair and attracts leading Carnatic musicians from all over the country. At Tiruvaiyaru, about 13 km from Tanjore, South Indian musicians gather at the composer`s memorial to sing in his memory. Young artistes believe that they will be blessed with a melodious voice if they anoint the shrine with honey and sing Tyagaraja`s songs at his memorial.

Thyagaraja is also famous for his Pancharathna krithis. His Pancharathna krithis in the five Ghana ragas are sung in all the Aradhana celebrations.
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