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Pushkar Mela
Pushkar FairThe Pushkar Fair, or Pushkar ka Mela, is the world`s largest camel fair held in the holy town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan of India. Held annually on the banks of Lake Pushkar in Rajasthan. It is celebrated on Kartika Purnima during October- November for twelve days.

Pushkar is the only place in India where Brahma is worshipped in a living shrine.Brahma, the Creator, was cursed by Shiva not to be worshipped. Though there is no cult of Brahma, he is invoked in all the major and minor sacred ceremonies.

The Pushkar lake is believed to have had a miraculous origin and Brahma performed a Yajan on its banks. According to a legend, a demon called Vajra Nabha, living at Pushkar had killed the children of Brahma. In revenge, Brahma killed him with a lotus stalk. As he did so, petals from the lotus flower fell at three places in Pushkar where three lakes arose, Jyeshtha the main one, Madhyama the middle one and Kanishtha, the middle one.

Brahma decided to perform the yajna at Pushkar on Kartika Purnima. He invited devas and the sages. All was set for the worship and the auspicious hour was drawing near but there was no sign of Brahma`s wife, Savitri. Brahma was growing nervous and repeatedly sent for her but did not arrive on time. A religious ceremony could not be performed without a wife. Fearing that the auspicious hour would soon be over, he quickly married a local girl Gayatri, who was grazing her cattle nearby. The yajna was in full swing when Savitri arrived for the ceremony. Seeing another woman in her place, Savitri flew into a rage and cursed all the devas and sages present at the ceremony. She left for her hill-top shrine from where till today she has not come down. To counteract the effect of the shraap (curse) Brahma, quickly created another goddess called Shraap-Mohini and asked everyone present to have her darshan, so that they were freed from Savitri`s curse. Shrap-Mohini has a temple on top of a hill facing that of Savitri.

Pushkar LakeThe festival at Pushkar goes on for a whole week and attracts great crowds, particularly from Rajasthan. It is mainly a camel fair and camels are brought from all over to be sold. The beautifully attired men and women, and the singing and dancing are an added attraction. The small sleepy village of Pushkar is suddenly transformed into fairyland, full of colour and music, which is enhanced by the brightest full moon night of the year when jal puja (worship of water) takes place. In memory of deceased relatives, hundreds of lamps are set afloat after the evening prayers. On the main day of the fair, people bathe in the holy Pushkar lake and then worship at the temple of Brahma. Actually, Brahma`s idol is there, only because of his wife Gayatri. She refused to have a shrine dedicated to her, unless Brahma also had his shrine there.

Competitions such as the "matka phod", "moustache", and "bridal competition" are the main draws for this fair which attracts thousands of tourists. Horse and cattle shows are held and is an occasion for vigorous trade in camels, bullocks and horses. A bath in the lake and worship at the temple of Brahma is said to give one salvation.
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Pushkar Mela
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