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Magha Mela
Magha MelaEvery year in the month of `Magha` (January-February) a fair, known as Magha Mela, is held at Prayag at the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and the Saraswati and is attended by thousands. It begins on the Makara Sankranti, the last day of the preceding month of `Pausa`. Magha Mela falls on the 7th day of the bright half of "Magha".

Prayag is the confluence of three streams also called Triveni. Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Ganga is the holy river of India. Narration of the river`s descent is found in Ramayana. It was brought down by Bhagiratha, for reviving his 60000 ancestors who had perished in the nether regions by the ire of a sage named Kapila. Yamuna is of special significance to the Vaishnavas because of its association with the childhood and youth of Krishna. It is believed that Saraswati, the sacred river of Vedic fame, which now flows in Punjab and loses itself in the Rajasthan desert, mysteriously joins the confluence by an underground current.

Bathing during the month of Magha at the Magha Mela still takes place. This is a very old mela (assembly), dating from time immemorial. It is said that ever since the Lord in the form of Mohini took a jar of nectar and kept it at Prayaga, holy men have gathered there every year and observed the Magha Mela. The brahmins wanted to take advantage of the Magha Mela and bathe there.

The pilgrims take holy dips in the Chandrabhaga Tirtha near the sea and welcome the rising Sun with prayers. A grand fair is also held at Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar on the same day. It continues for about a week.
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