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Kurukshetra Mela
Kurukshetra Brahmsar TeeraKurukshetra the holy pilgrimage covers an area of 48 kosas, in which 360 places of pilgrimage related to the Mahabharata can be seen. Kurukshetra is situated in the north-west of Delhi and is watered by Saraswati. The area covers Pehowa, Kalayat, Amin, Phalgu, Thanesar, Jyotisara and Kurukshetra town. It is also called the land of a Kuru (progenitor of Pandavas and the Kauravas).

The very first legend of this land talks of a sage King, named Kuru. He was the son of Samvarna and Tapati, ancestors of Kauravas and Pandavas. He founded a domain where righteousness and goodwill would render all who lived here holy.

For this, the king laid down the eight-fold ethical conduct (astangamahadharma) of austerity (tapas), truth (satya), forgiveness (kshama), kindness (daya), purity (saucha), charity (dana), yoga and continence (bramacharya). He selected a site near Sarasvati. With the bull of Shiva and the buffalo of Yama tied to his plough, the king began to till the land. On seeing this, Indra- the king of `devatas` came to enquire the purpose of this action. King Kuru replied that he was preparing the land to sow the seeds of austerity. On hearing this, King Indra laughed and went away.

But, Kuru continued with his labour. Lord Vishnu appeared there and asked Kuru to give him the seeds of austerity that he desired to sow on the land. At this, King Kuru chopped off his limbs and finally his head to be sown into the soil.

On seeing this supreme sacrifice, Lord Vishnu was pleased. He asked the King to ask for two boons. Kuru prayed that the land may be known by his name, and anyone who died here, irrespective of his sins and virtues, may be granted place in Heaven. And so the land continues to bear the name of this righteous king.

With the passage of time, Kurukshetra came to be visited by Lord Sri Krishna whose very presence and then the discourse on Gita made it holy. King Prithu`s prayers, Lord Buddha`s visit, halt of Sikh gurus, Sheikh Chehli ka Maqbara and the Gardens of Harsha Vardhan have, through the ages, marked the importance and sanctity of this town.

The epic battle between Kauravas and Pandavas was fought here. Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghori (A.D. 1192) at Kurukshetra. Even in 1398, Sultan of Delhi was defeated by Timur, Babur was defeated Ibrahim Lodi (A.D. 1526) and Ahmad Shah Durrani defeated the Marathas on this land of King Kuru. The `Ban Ganga` of Arjun and the now subterranean `Saraswati` once flowed on this land, bringing peace to both who lived here and to those who died in action, in pain, in sorrow and in remorse.

Kurukshetra Geeta JayantiKurukshetra is the land where Manu wrote `Manusmriti`, where learned `rishis` or Indian sages and scholars compiled the holy Rig Veda and Sama Veda.The festival in Kurushetra, Haryana coincides with the Gita Jayanti, signifying the birth of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Fairs are held during the solar and lunar eclipses at Kurukshetra. There are several shrines on the extensive plains of Kurukshetra, but the holiest place for meritorious bathing is a pool, near the town of Thaneshvar, filled from sacred river Saraswati. Bathing here is considered particularly efficacious in purifying the soul. Another sacred tank in Kurukshetra is Sannihit Sarovar which is believed to be the meeting point of seven sacred Saraswatis.

A dip in the pond during an eclipse is considered auspicious by the Hindus. A large number of pilgrims visit these fairs. Amidst chanting of Vedic mantras, the pilgrims take a dip in the Sarovar when the eclipse starts.

Many people come here for salvation on such occasions. Kurukshetra has been the germinating ground of the essence of Hinduism. The call to duty is the supreme religion. The dictate to action without the thought, the hope, the wish, or reward is a philosophy that has guided the Indian psyche for thousands of years. It is one of the holy towns that have borne the imprint of Lord Krishna`s footsteps.
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