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Gond Festival
The Gonds are a tribal community mostly living in the Gond Forests of Central India, and observe festivals throughout the year.

Harvest season is a time for general rejoicing to these people. At the time of gathering of crops, the Gonds arrange for a village-wide feast. Gathering of crops is festive occasion. Mahua flower festival, Millet festival, mango and cucumber festival are other small festivals which add up the excitement.

They worship their favorite deities, including Ghashyam Deo and Danteshwari Goddess. Some gond tribes have an annual festival in honour of Ghanshyam Deo, a tribal deity, given a hindu name. Bamboo pole is planted in a temporarily constructed shed. It is decorated with flower garlands and leaves. They sacrifice pigs and fowls and liquor is offered to Ghanshyam deo. Then, they themselves consume large quantities of drinks - liquors made from Mahua flowers and rice. Consumption of liquor is quite common during the festival.
Diwali Dussehra Mahashivratri
Janmashtami Holi Pongal
Hanuman Jayanti Vat-Savitri Gond Festival
Nagpanchami Rakhi Purnima Rama Navami
Vasant Panchami Ganesh Chaturthi
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